Sunday, July 25, 2010

Johnny Weir Wins 2010 Readers Choice Skater Of The Year Award ,Skating Magazine !

I’m a little late, but am SO Happy to hear this news !

US Figure skating site has announced Johnny Weir as the winner of 2010 skating magazine Readers choice skater of the year on July 21,2010.

Each spring, SKATING magazine readers are asked to vote for the eligible skater in any discipline whom they believe is most deserving of the award, based on the accomplishments of the past season.

This vote’s deadline was around June 5 at first ( if my memory is correct ) but somehow it was postponed to July 15.

This Award is given annually by SKATING magazine, the official publication of U.S. Figure Skating.

Johnny Weir also won this award in 2008, ( by winning world bronze medal ( he was the only US skater to win medal in that world championship ), two gold medals at Grand prix competitions, and also tie breaker at Nationals competition. )

This year, I believe Johnny won by people’s heart. By giving the most memorable performance at Olympics. Because so many people were inspired by his heartfelt, poetry beautiful performance in Olympics and made a big impact.
Johnny’s comment,
"I am honored to win the Readers' Choice Award for the second time in my career," Weir said. "I gave my all to my craft this past season, and I am so proud that my fans were entertained and inspired from watching me."

“I have the most amazing fans in the world, and this award is really for them," Weir said. "I thank them for sticking with me through thick and thin, without complaint and with constant love. “

“ I want to thank my family, my coaches, Galina Zmievskaya, Viktor Petrenko and Nina Petrenko, my choreographer David Wilson, and my agent Tara Modlin of Fireworks Sports Marketing."

I’m very happy and pleased Johnny Weir won the 2010 Readers ‘ Choice Award for Skater of the Year again !

My husband Ray and I both voted for Johnny. Because of his awesome Olympics performances ( both SP & FP) which touched our heart, and GPF, NHK trophy ( with his very tough illness condition ) and Nationals SP. we watched all of them many times already. We think he is well-deserved to win this award.
Even though he didn’t medal at Olympics with these awesome performances, I’m also glad there are many people who were watching skating from their heart and their own view, not being blinded for just medals and scores.
Congratulations , Johnny !
You definitely won people’s heart at Olympics. And that’s the biggest impact and the most memorable performance you gave us.

He really has amazing fans in the world and it’s because he is amazing in many ways.

He is a one of a kind skater who makes many people almost like addiction to see more of his skating. That’s a fact.

Not anyone can be like Johnny Weir, if one wears costumes like him, act like him and try to get attention.

He also inspired one of the most famous Japanese art directors Shigesato Ito at last Olympics.

Mr. Itoi’s comment which he was writing after Olympics in his blog,

“ My biggest interest right now is men’s figure skater Johnny Weir. I can say there was “Definition of Art” itself in his skating at Olympics.

In his performance, it looked to me “ Medal ? Scores ? Audience ? Country ? “ it doesn’t matter for all of them, when it comes to him. Showing his expression, his own world. etc..”

Johnny Weir inspired many people not only in the USA but in Japan also. Mr. Itoi was one of them. Later Johnny and Mr.Itoi team started working together with JW Art Pproject, and his art book will be published in October.

The trophy is called as “The Michelle Kwan Trophy“ since she won multiple times for this award in the past, which represents both the sport of figure skating and SKATING magazine, is a one-of-a-kind crystal sculpture designed by Crystal Signatures of Pennsylvania.

2010 USFSA reader’s choice award

2008 USFSA reader's choice award

SKATING Magazine Readers' Choice Award Winners

2010 Johnny Weir 2009 Evan Lysacek
2008 Johnny Weir 2007 Miami University
2006 Kimmie Meissner
2005 Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto
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1989 Kristi Yamaguchi

US figure skating site also announced the number of the vote in that year ( 2008 )

“ Approximately 8,400 votes were cast on the U.S. Figure Skating web site, with Weir receiving 1,156. “

I wonder how many votes Johnny received and won the award this year ?
They didn’t announce about it this year. So I'm curious to know about it.